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About FairRent

FairRent helps farmers evaluate land rental decisions by estimating the income remaining for cash rent after all other expenses. Use it to evaluate cash, share and flexible rental arrangements. Based on projected enterprise budgets for crop production, FairRent determines the breakeven rental rate at various yields and prices. The results set a realistic bidding range for cash rental negotiations. Add flexible parameters to evaluate risk and returns for both the renter and landlord under flex-rent arrangements. FairRent will help you bid for land rental tracts with confidence.

Users must register to use FairRent. Rental plans are stored under user accounts and only the account owner has access to those plans. Plans can be shared or transferred to other users by the account owner. Plans that are not accessed for two years will be removed.

FairRent is a product of the Center for Farm Financial Management, University of Minnesota.

The web-based version was developed with funding from the North Central Extension Risk Management Education Center at the University of Nebraska.